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Jane Newell Brown

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Organisational development and people expertise – helping organisations grow and improve performance

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Unsurprisingly training (or learning and development because it has wider connotations) can often be our first engagement with a new client. This can be either group training on a particular topic or one to one coaching – we will advise on the best solution to an identified problem or opportunity.
Sometimes training can identify issues for which a consultancy intervention is appropriate. Sometimes it can lead to recruitment and other times it can stand alone quite simply.
We work a lot with companies who don’t have their own training department – and indeed we often find that unless the organisation is very large or disparate or has a high number of incoming trainees, say, that an ‘external’ provider is more effective. Often internal trainers can become ‘part of the scenery’ and with the best will in the world once they have delivered their courses consultants and staff are often left looking for a different style and ‘fresh’ perspectives.
silver space’s core competence is in acting as a development and training partner, identifying needs and then contracting-in and managing best-in-class trainers for each specific area of need for the business.
Our strategy allows business owners and managers to get on with their core competence - running their business – while we get on with ours – increasing performance.
Needless to say we help business owners and managers develop their own performance too.
We are skilled in delivering:

Strategy and needs analysis through to a wide range of courses developed and delivered or outsourced to other providers.

Focus on leading and managing your business.

360° appraisals with feedback

Executive coaching

Soft skills training and coaching

Mentor scheme development and mentor provision

Managing Performance – processes developed and implemented including manager training

Holding difficult conversations

For all levels of leader

A one day programme for small groups.

Tackling the tough issues with your people is often the thing we most dread.

Using experienced role-play actors you get to practice in a safe environment so you can develop your own confidence.

360° feedback

All leaders constantly need to hold a mirror up to themselves and ask how their teams see them and whether they are inspiring their teams to achieve greater things, or holding them back. A 360° is a safe confidential way of gaining this feedback to help you improve as a team leader, manager, director or CEO.