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Jane Newell Brown

let me help you grow your business

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Organisational development and people expertise – helping organisations grow and improve performance

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Arguably the most straightforward of our core skills and unquestionably one of the most challenging. Hence the books.
That’s why we’d feel that a good recruiter is worth their weight in gold.
With a background in specialist contingency, search and selection, advertised selection, in-house, managed service and recruitment management we’d like to think we know most of what there is to know about recruitment, talent and delivering competitive advantage through people.
We are skilled in delivering:

Talent strategy – identification,assessment and development

Internal talent referral schemes development and management

Selection advice and process development – assessment centres, interview training

Career structures and planning

Employer brand development and employee value proposition

Consultancy around role design and specifications

Succession planning
Recruitment Strategy and methodology

Managed Agency Service

Advertised selection
Recruiting scarce skills through two recessions and some serious upturns has taught us three key things:

Always invest in your people

Work for tomorrow with recruitment not just for today – scarce skills are always scarce – just more or less so

Be your own ‘employer of choice’, develop your employer brand - be the employer you would like to work for