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Jane Newell Brown

let me help you grow your business

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Organisational development and people expertise – helping organisations grow and improve performance

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Often our involvement in one discrete area of the business had led us to take up a more wide-ranging HR role.
Working in partnership with internal administrative teams within the business who run the day-to-day HR administration and management we add the strategic HR leadership and direction to support the business goals.
This means you have the benefits of a wide-ranging arena of expertise on a project or consultancy basis rather than the overhead of a senior HR Director.
Most of our clients in this area therefore are smaller businesses with under 60 people who value additional expertise but would not need full-time support.
The shape of the service will vary but typically includes:

Overseeing and managing the delivery internally of all HR administration and paperwork around employment; tracking holidays and absences, all correspondence with staff and any related suppliers and agencies

Organisational design; skills identification and assessment to meet organisational goals

Performance management

Acquiring and managing talent (read more on the talent page)

Learning and development (read more on the training page)

Board development (read more on the consultancy page)