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Unsurprisingly training (or learning and development because it has wider connotations) can often be our first engagement with a new client. This can be either group training on a particular topic or one to one coaching – we will advise on the best solution to an identified problem or opportunity.

Sometimes training can identify issues for which a consultancy intervention is appropriate. Sometimes it can lead to recruitment and other times it can stand alone quite simply.

We work a lot with companies who don’t have their own training department – and indeed we often find that unless the organisation is very large or disparate or has a high number of incoming trainees, say, that an ‘external’ provider is more effective.

silver space’s core competence is in acting as a development and training partner, identifying needs and then contracting-in and managing best-in-class trainers for each specific area of need for the business.

Our strategy allows business owners and managers to get on with their core competence - running their business – while we get on with ours – increasing performance.

We are skilled in delivering: