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Jane Newell Brown

let me help you grow your business

call me on: 07887 517460

Organisational development and people expertise – helping organisations grow and improve performance

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Jane Newell Brown is the founder of silver space

She has a broad background in people and organisational development in consultancy organisations. Her focus is on helping businesses recruit the right people into the right roles, then leading and developing them well to mutual benefit and increased profit and growth.

Her differentiator in the consulting arena is that she develops deep long-term relationships with her clients while still retaining that crucial external focus.

Mainly silver space allows her to work with the clients she likes and in the areas she excels.

silver space is a specialist team focused in three clear areas;

people and HR consultancy

learning and development

Operating both independently and with partners to deliver People, HR, Talent, Recruitment, Retention, Development and Learning interventions across all sectors, we have one clear purpose in mind - increasing both organisational and individual performance, driving growth and creating improved returns on investment.
What does that mean we actually do?
It could mean:

Consulting to the Board or CEO on developing their business and operating more effectively as a team.

Evaluating skills in a business against the overall objectives and designing a development strategy to meet those needs

Coaching key individuals, either fast-trackers or under-performers and everyone in between

Assessing and delivering feedback to a consultant to improve their game

Designing and delivering a senior management development programme

Recommending and implementing behavioural interviewing skills training, writing an interview guide and assessing capability

Recruiting at C-suite or “Head of” level

Advising on a new reward structure

Evaluating and making recommendations for change on a new recruiting process

Consulting to a team which is not working

Acting as L&D Director, developing the strategy, contracting in and evaluating the delivery

Developing a talent strategy

Evaluating a consultant’s capability to work towards a management role
And a whole range of other things too!



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